Exhibition Games, Tournaments & Special Events

Hockey player with the puckSanction numbers are needed to ensure insurance is provided when playing in an exhibition or tournament game or taking part in a special event. To get a sanction number for your team go to the EMHA web site and follow the directions in the ‘permits’ section.

Sanction numbers are often completed within 24 hours, but keep in mind that if you do not get a number you will not be allowed to play the game or host the event. Remember to apply for the permit as far in advance of the event as possible since it may take longer, especially for out-of-town games or events. The list of approved permits are also available in the same section of the EMHA website.

Special Events

Special Event Permits must be obtained for any off-ice team activities, including team outings, having a Guest Coach from another team – any function organized by your team.

Exhibition Games & Tournaments

Coaches or Managers must have approval for all exhibition or tournament games, local or our of town, from their respective League Directors before playing the game.

For exhibition games outside the EMHA boundaries, permission must be obtained from the AA / BB Director through the League Director. The AA / BB Director shall obtain permission from the AAHA for all exhibition games played outside EMHA boundaries. Application for permission will only be considered from teams who are properly registered with the AAHA. There are additional rules and procedures regarding team travel that are available here.

No players from another team may be brought up for any exhibition or tournament game, and no player from a higher category may be brought down to a lower category.

Within the EMHA boundaries, gamesheets must be filed with the AA Director within forty-eight (48) hours after completion of the game.
Out of town game sheets must be filed with the AA Director within forty-eight (48) hours after completion of the game.

For exhibition and tournament games, the K of C’s do not pay the referee. This is the responsibility of the team.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a suspension for the Coach and Manager. Any registered player and / or team competing in an unsanctioned tournament will be suspended.

Exhibition Games Outside of Canada

Alberta hockey teams are not permitted to play exhibition games against any team based outside of Canada without written or telegraphed permission of the AAHA and the CAHA.

If the AAHA does not object, it shall submit the request to the CAHA Executive Director, for his consideration and approval.

However, in the case of exhibition or tournament games between Alberta teams and the AAHA or U.S., permission and travel permits shall be granted at the discretion of the AAHA.